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Experienced Bike Repair

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Waukesha Wisconsin

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Milwaukee Bike Repair"BICYCLE REPAIR in WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN" Your personal Bike Mechanic!  With over 30 years of Experience, Mark McGeen has been repairing bicycles in Waukesha with a unique flair... personal service!  On-site repairs by appointment are what make M&M Bike Repair a one-of-a-kind.  He wants to serve you, your family, your friends... and all your bikes to keep you happily rolling down the trail.  How many people do you know that have their own personal Bike Mechanic?!  An expert mechanic without the elite price tag of concierge service.

We Work Efficiently

As a cottage industry, the repairs are done by appointment.  Most repairs have a 24-48 hour turn around to get you back on the trails as soon as possible.  We keep a good supply of basic cycling supplies in stock.


Experience Matters

Mark McGeen is a 30 year veteran of bicycle repair.  A certified Schwinn factory trained mechanic. He has been operating M&M Bike Repair since 1983.


We are Local

As a Waukesha native, Mark appreciates all the cycling opportunities this area of the country has to offer.  If anyone has a passion for biking, it's Mark!  Just ask him for the best places to ride... on or off the trails!


I Ride Too!

He is also an elite Cycling athlete that has won numerous State and National titles as a both a USCF and ABR Master's Cat 2 cyclist and a 2013 World's Cyclocross competitor.

20th Aug 2013

Casual Riding the Winter Roads

For the Casual Rider- Riding in the winter! When it comes to staying warm while winter biking, one might typically wear a thin balaclava under the helmet. As for the...

20th Aug 2013
Waukehsa Bike Repair

Rules of the Thumb!

10 GOOD RULES OF THUMB No. 1- Never loan tools to friends. No. 2- If it’s threaded, grease it. No. 3- You can’t properly adjust a bicycle that is dirty and not lubricated....