Casual Riding the Winter Roads

For the Casual Rider- Riding in the winter!bike3
When it comes to staying warm while winter biking, one might typically wear a thin balaclava under the helmet. As for the rest of your body, check out the following:
  • Warm waterproof boots (ie- Sorel.)
  • Warm gloves (Wear thin wool gloves underneath warm mittens. This will keep your fingers warm when you take off the mittens to lock or unlock your bike.)
  • Earmuffs/ear covering
  • Glasses or goggles to keep the snow out of your eyes
  • Scarf or neck warmer that can cover your mouth but still breathe easily. A long scarf allows you to wrap your neck and face, but it also has long tails that you can use to cover your chest underneath your coat.
  • Warm hat or nylon skull cap that fits underneath your helmet it
  • Long underwear if it’s really cold or leg warmers that cover your knees
  • For longer (sweatier) rides, it’s a good idea to make your underlayer that is closest to your skin one made of wool or a synthetic material. Cotton tends to stay wet longer and may end up cooling you down, whereas wool tends to hold moisture.
  • Good coat. I wear a rather nontraditional winter coat for cycling. It’s long black wool tailored women’s coat. I love it and it works for me on my upright dutch bike that has skirt guards on the rear wheels — it’s not for everyone though. A windproof coat is a good idea, and even a nice bright windproof shell over your layers should do the trick. Because my coat is black, I also wear a reflective safety vest.
  • Lights! Use extra ones if you want to be even more visible.
  • Mud guards on your bike.
  • Brakes that are in good working order, and a bike in a good state of repair.


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